Designing for Peaceful Protest

Safe and painless protest with sign harness!

It is crucial for designers to understand the social needs and environmental issues to have opportunity to design products.


For this project, we were to research, conceptualize, and propose solutions to support the public and peaceful protests of students.   


During the protest, it is important for the participants to clearly convey their message to the others.


Goal :

Discover opportunities and design an effective communication method to enhance the students’ protest experiences. 


Before we start finding design opportunities, our class started this project with research. This research stage was very important, because all our classmates had no experience on protest.  

Research on the history of protest

This research helped our class to understand different protests that happened in the past – why and how people protest, and how it has changed over time.  

Research on protest tools and processes

Understanding the process of organizing protest and the existing protest products helped us to think about what we should consider in our project.  


Conducting interviews of the protest participants helped us to gain insights from their personal experiences and the needs. We started to see the possible design opportunities from the their responses.  

Design Opportunity

I found the design opportunity from one of the responses of the interview ­– protest participants use their phone as a protest sign; they use their phone because they could easily erase and write new messages.


Not only that, I found another opportunity from my personal experience – holding paper for few minutes causes pain in the arms.


From these opportunities, I was able to come up with design that would enhance the user’s protest experience.  

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